Education for All:

This will be one of the aims of organization that it will establish school at primary level middle level and senior level not only will it establish school but also well equipped libraries and computer labs at rural level, so no child is deprived of education. Apart from this organization will award scholarship for students who wants to study abroad. It will arrange sponsors for poor and underprivileged students.

Support the girl child:

Academic support schools and classes for underprivileged girl child with aim to teach concepts in all subjects and language are taught to bridge the gaps in learning and enable children to attain grade specific competency levels.

Promotion of Social & Economic Development:

To help organize symposium conferences exhibition to promote economic and social ties among the people it well formulate self employment schemes, programs on population control, family planning programs.

Health for all:

To work for enhancing and improvement of health to organize campaigns among the people against drug about aids awareness to run ambulances, mobile hospitals infant care programs child development programs etc.

Develop Civic Sense:

it will run programs of community awareness to enhance health, hygiene and sanitation levels of the community said local programs will be in association with municipal corporation gram panchayat and related local authorities.

Environmental protection:

To protect the environment, it will run programs related to pollution control, association will help the public and formulate programs of plantation of trees, soil conservation with aim to save the earth and major rivers in India. It will run various projects to do utmost to safeguard the environment.

Work for the unprivileged class:

To raise the consciousness among the underprivileged about their democratic social economic right, run programs to provide employment and self employment schemes for them.

  • To work towards the overall benefit, promotion and benefit of society at large, particularly women and children
  • To provide support to orphans, windows for their overall development and growth.
  • To work towards creating employment opportunities for women.
  • To work towards the education of the public at large on issues and problems related to health, women and children.
  • To formulate programs for improving the social and economic status of women and children.
  • Day care for children and provide lunch and dresses to children.
  • To provide quality health care services including basic medical facility, nursing and care services to those admitted in health care institutions and also at their residential premises, sanitation, general  health care and other needful support which can be helpful for public to overcome  sufferings and agony caused, trauma, epidemic, disability or any other cause whatsoever and also to facilitate them to rehabilitate.
  • To provide vocational training to the marginalized populations especially women and children and arrange for free medication to those in need.
  • To conduct various awareness camps and programs to nullify myths related to illnesses and to promote awareness and access to medical facilities.
  • To provide medical care to children.
  • To promote all natural ways of obtaining and maintain good health.
  • To provide various medical services such as organizing health and awareness camps on immunization, eye care, Maternity, child care, communicable diseases, lifestyle related ailments and diseases.
  • To provide love, brotherhood and care services for the upliftment of people abusing various addictive substances including alcohol and narcotics.
  • To promote awareness regarding addiction within marginalized communities, schools, colleges, industries, factories and the corporate sector.
  • To promote charitable values, literature, science, art, education and culture.
  • To explore ways for promotion of socio-economic development in the community.
  • To make people aware about their rights particularly about their right to information and educate them how to get information from the authorities under the provisions of right to information Act.
  • To promote and advocate human rights and fundamental freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex  and language.
  • To develop and mobilize community and natural resources to give the right direction to people of the marginalized and economically weaker section of the society for their sustainable overall development.
  • To facilitate in the formation of community based care & support programs for people living HIV and AIDS (PLH/A)
  • To organize and take up health, educational and welfare programs for needy women and children on priority basis.
  • To hold classes, conferences, awareness camps, campaigns demonstrations, street plays etc
  • To give respect to martyr and help of his/her dependent.
  • To organize of all kind of sports promotion activity and competition.
  • To arrange the wedding ceremony of poor peoples.
  • To conduct the various competition of body building.
  • To provide help and save to elderly people.
  • To organize camp, langers and distribution of food for general people without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, sex and language.
  • To provide help to all kind of animals and birds including making of cowshed, shelter, medical treatment, food and arrangement of all other things necessary for help of animal and birds.